Marmyk Our Company which was established in 1979 was given its name “Mycenae” from the marble found in the area of Argolida.
The name Mycenae originates from the well-known marble in this area and is the name of the first civilization of Greece (approximately 2000 b.C) The Mycenae civilization created wonderful works and had a spectacular organization for that time period. This is symbolized by the 2 lions at the entrance of the castle, which suggests the strength, and greatness of this ancient society.
Respecting the Mycenae civilization it is now a trademark of our company. Everyday, it encourages us to do something unique that will last through the ages.

Our permanent goal is to offer specialized solutions and a rich variety of marble that ranges in a wide spectrum of colors.
Our record of experience provides materials that work within safety regulations for the products. It gives us the authority to produce an assortment of unique solutions directly to you because it’s important for you to rely on those who demand outstanding products to satisfy your needs in the best possible way.
We are grateful to you and to the marble that, for many years, we have strived to improve on.